April 8, 2022

Meet Marie Merryweather

Come Explore FarmVille 3 with Marie Merryweather and bring your farm to life.

We hope you are having a wonderful time exploring Farmville 3. It might take some time to learn all the tricks around your farm, but luckily you have your childhood best friend Marie Merryweather to show you the ropes. 

As you probably know, Marie was born and raised in FarmVille, where her family has lived for generations. In fact, her favorite farm animals are descended from her parents’ and grandparents’ prize-winning livestock – how cool is that? In time, Marie has become a jack of all trades. She’s also kept up to date on the latest innovations and is dedicated to her goal of bringing FarmVille into the 21st century.

And that’s where you come in. She has invited you, her oldest friend, to come to the farm, and begin a brand new adventure at FarmVille! She can walk you through the basics of caring for your animals, crops, trees, and buildings. And she’ll always be there to lend a hand, and give you plenty of encouragement. 

Marie spends a lot of her time with Luna the cat, and the two are best friends. Luna used to be scared of humans until Marie came along. Thankfully. Luna especially likes Marie because of how kind, affectionate, and patient she is. Everyone does!

When she’s not working, Marie likes to relax with a good book and a big bag of candy – who doesn’t, right? Marie is the heart of FarmVille, and everyone in town is inspired by her dedication. Everyone works a little harder — and is a lot happier doing that — knowing they have a friend like Marie Merryweather by their side.