May 5, 2022

May Release Notes, 2022

Come explore with FarmVille 3 and see what’s in store in this new update!

The spring season continues to blossom on Farmville 3. This season we have some bright shining updates to share with you. 

So sip through the sun and check out what’s coming up on your farm.   

Check out the improvements to Animals Breeding & the Exotic Animals Shops in this new update.

Food Truck: Mediterranean Bites

Sam is back at the farm with a Mediterranean Food Truck. Serve your customers to discover a brand new exotic animal! Have fun!

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Battlepass: Spring Garden Exhibit

Marie’s putting the final touches on the spring garden exhibit. She is showcasing the best flowers and arrangements from all over Farmville. There’s going to be gardening lessons, seed collection, plants for sale, and loads of other events to see. Bzz!