March 8, 2022

March Release Note, 2022

Come explore with FarmVille 3 and see what’s in store. Daily Login Bonus, Photo mode, Exotic Animal Updates and more.

Spring is here and it’s a bright and sunny day on Farmville 3. Come explore with us this season’s bloom and see what’s in store.

Photo Mode 

A picture is worth a thousand words! The new FarmVille photo mode gives you the opportunity to express and showcase your farm to the world. Just go to your settings, click on photo mode, select the best view of your farm, capture and share your farm with your loved ones. 

Exotic Animal Updates 

More space for your inventory now, because the Exotic Animal Elixir and Evolution items don’t take any more of your Inventory space. Additionally new Exotic Animal Evolution items have been added to your farm. Enjoy!


Sky Race Spring Serenade: This spring season, the skies will bloom in glory with the Sky Race Spring Serenade. Get ready to touch the sky.

Spring Carnival: Prepare your painted eggs and rabbit ears for the Spring Carnival on Farmville 3. Have fun!

Food Truck Sweet Treat: Beat the heat with some cool refreshments on FarmVille 3 Food Truck. Sam is helping you set up a Sweet Treats Truck on your farm!

Friendship Milestones

Send gifts to your friends and raise your friendship score to purchase chests in the shop!


Pirate Ship Haul: Explore and bring back parts, and possible treasures of an old sunken pirate ship and help Dr Anne Teak display them at the nautical section of the museum on FarmVille 3.

All this excitement is on its way to your farm so hold tight and have a wonderful day.