January 28, 2022

January Release Note, 2022

Country Camping Season 3 &4, Sky Race Season 11 and 12 , Valentines Day suprise, Exotic Animal and more…

Welcome to a whole New Year of fun and Farming! Come explore these new features and let us know what you think about the new update by rating the game on the App Store or Google Play!

Sky Race Season 11 &12 

Your Favorite Sky Race is back with a Gothic Theme. Here’s a quick sneak peak to what you are expected to see. 

Buddy Valentine 

Love is in the air and your farm friend Buddy is getting all roses this Valentines Day. So come on Buddy, share some love this season on your farm.

Improved Co-Op Recommendation

Birds of a feather flock together! Your Co-Op recommendations will now have suggestions to Co-Ops that speak the same language as you. Go join and make new friends.

Exotic Animals Level Up!

We know how much you love your exotic animals. You will observe that the level of your exotic animals has doubled. Their power will essentially remain the same, but this is the first step towards some exciting changes that we are planning for future updates, based on your feedback!

Coming Soon: Country Camping Season 4

Your favorite farmhand Chad will soon be visible in a camping mood, riding the wild. Join him in this adventure.

Thank you for being a part of FarmVille 3 and we hope you are having fun.