December 6, 2022

December Release Notes, 2022

Happy Holidays!

A fun filled Holiday Month awaits at Farmville 3!

Sky Race – Jolly Journey

This new sky race season brings the holiday cheer to the farm! Complete tasks to win new Christmas-themed skins for buildings on your farm!

Ice Fishing

Fred is excited to go ice fishing at this brand new spot he’s found. Besides, it’s the perfect time of year when you can see a great variety of fish. Fred wants to display all the amazing catch at the town’s aquarium. Go on this amazing fishing adventure with Fred and share your catch with everyone!

Reindeer Racing 

The Animal Race is back, and the track is resounding with a thunder of hooves! Use Animal Treats to feed your Exotic Reindeers to race through the snow scape! Dodge or jump over obstacles, collect Stars, Power-ups and race for as long as your Penguin can. Compete on the leaderboard against other farmers to win the powerful Golden Gloves reward.

Battle Pass – Merry Delights

The holiday cheer is in the air and it’s only a matter of time till the farm gets overrun with holiday visitors. Marie’s rolled up her sleeves and is working on decking up the farm in all its winter glory and could use some help at the workshop too. She’s planned loads of activities and fun sleigh rides with a cheerful jingle, all the way!

Holiday Wishes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Pauly’s especially excited to go out and play Santa this year. He’s packed his gifts and prepared his special sleigh to hand out gifts and candy. In exchange he gets his favorite gingerbread cookies! Put on your Santa hat and help Pauly spread the holiday cheer.

Feel free to leave your feedback on the App Store or Google Play by rating FarmVille 3. Until next time, keep farming and Happy Holidays to you all!