April 26, 2022

All About Friendship Milestones

Make Friends and reach greater Milestones.

Every day is a celebration of Friendships on Farmville and it all begins with a first step by starting to follow each other’s farms.

When you open a Gift Box sent by a friend, it simply strengthens the bond between you and your friend and levels up your friendship, too!

There are currently 4 Friendship Levels that you can achieve after earning the required number of Friendship Points.

Good Friends

Great Friends

Best Friends

Forever Friends

Friendship Points: Friendship Points is a fresh new currency that you can use to purchase Friendship Prizes in the Merchant.

You will earn a Friendship Level score after accepting a Friend’s gift or vice versa. You will reach a new Friendship Level when the adequate number of gifts are exchanged.

Friendship Points are then rewarded each time you achieve a new Friendship Level. Isn’t that fun? Now head to your farm and experience a whole new level of Friendship and farming. 

Happy Farming!